Ministries Youth


Culloden Youth

Time // 7-9pm Wednesday Nights ;

Location // "The Attic" upstairs at Culloden Church (unless further specified)    

Range // Grade 8-12 students

Culloden Youth meets to be a formative Youth community, founded on Christ in the Frontlines of culture.

Formative // We do not simply meet to be in the presence of one another, but to be a community that seeks character formation. Our events are geared to not just be fun, but (trans)formative. There will be much laughter along the way and also a healthy amount of challenges.

Founded // We see that our character must be formed upon the foundation of Jesus Christ. All people are influenced by "something" or "someone". Our foundation for life is the person and work of Jesus Christ. Whether you agree with this or not, we will discuss how Jesus shows and offers a life of flourishing that is greater than anything or anyone else through the Scriptures. We also will interact with other authors and films to discuss how the thoughts of Jesus and the movement of culture interact.

Frontlines // Youth engage with cultural pressures everyday in their interactions at school, work, home and with friends. It is our vision to equip students not merely to interact with culture, but to give bold leadership on the frontlines of culture. This leadership is not aimless but is forged in a Christ-founded formative community. 

FALL 2019:

COMMUNITY GATHERINGS ON WEDNESDAY NIGHTS // We meet on Wednesdays from 7-9pm in "THE ATTIC". The Attic is the upstairs Youth Room of the Culloden church building. Join us for a night of laughter, games, community events and discussions of how we can get our minds around how the life of Jesus Christ actually equips us to engage with everyday life, even the tough realities of family, fitting in at school and making friends.


      • Fall Retreat - Nov. 15 - 17
      • Weekly Youth Night on Wednesdays

Email Mitch if you want more information of how to get connected with the Culloden Youth community or any other questions @