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Global Missionaries

Culloden has taken the initiative to support four families or individuals who are serving in a full time capacity and have to raise outside support to continue their ministry. These individuals are serving in a variety of locations - from in Canada to around the world.

Jon & Bonnie Esau:

Jon & Bonnie Esau

Jon & Bonnie Esau Callie, Marek, Gavin and Tayo, are serving with MB Mission in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They moved from Chilliwack, B.C.  with a clear call to go serve and help the church in Thailand. Jon and Bonnie Esau, along with their four children,  Their ministries include outreach into a local Juvenile Detention Centre for Women; teaching the Bible to seekers and new believers; Khmu church-planting (both locally in Chiang Mai and rurally in Lampang province); and resourcing Khmu and Thai pastors for business and church leadership.

You can contact Jon & Bonnie at 

Helmuth Graewe:

Helmuth Graewe

Serves with ACTION Ventures which is a ministry of Action International Ministries, Canada, in Calgary, Alberta.  ACTION Ventures trains teams of young people and young adults to do evangelism and discipleship in crosscultural settings around the world. Their primary means of doing that is through the arts such as drama, music, puppets and the like. He is the Training Coordinator which means he organizes all the training activities so each team member can feel prepared when they enter into a crosscultural setting.

You can contact Helmuth at

Other Families:

Culloden is supporting a family that works in a sensitive nation and for security purposes can not give more information, but prayer cards for the family are available upon request.