Sign up for Culloden's Final Service on September 20 on the link in the email that was sent out. Please sign up by September 15. If you aren't regularly part of Culloden, but want to attend the final service, there will be spots made available after September 15. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: At our church meeting on July 20, 2020, Culloden affirmed the proposal to close the church, and then replant under new leadership, a new lead pastor, Norm Funk, & as a new church, called Midtown Church.  WHAT?! Yes, this was a very emotional & difficult decision by the church after 52 years of God changing lives; however, the church affirmed this enormous decision to trust God for a new thing in this same location. 

What does this mean moving forward? Regular Sunday services will continue for Culloden with the current staff (via in person & livestream) until September 20, 2020. After September 20, the Culloden Church will shut down, all staff will be laid off, and for a season of closure (possibly until January 2021) there will be the launching of the new church.

For more details on the new church, Midtown Church, see this website: https://mtownchurch.ca 

Church Services:

We are welcoming people to come to the church building to gather for the 10am church service. And unfortunately because of the ongoing COVID restrictions, we have implemented safety protocol as well as limited the numbers of attendance to under 40. 

If you are in the latest church directory, we will invite people on Monday, prior to the upcoming Sunday, via email or phone call by alphabetically by last name, and then to RSVP on the Google Form that is emailed out by Wednesday at 7pm. Then on Thursday morning, the remaining spots will be available to sign up via this link: https://reopen.church/r/vFLV6iUy   

To watch the service live: www.cullodenchurch.com/live   

Culloden Church is a group of people from all backgrounds & from around the world. Culloden consists of doubters, skeptics, and those who have faithfully followed Jesus for many years. You are more than welcome to come join us as we experience the hope of Jesus and want to practically make a difference in seeing the city flourish.  

If you are new to Vancouver or live across the bridge in Richmond, come join us.  Wanting to explore faith & find a group of people who can help you get to know God?  Culloden Church welcomes you! 

If you have a question or want to contact us 604-327-4640 or email - office@cullodenchurch.com 

Watch this video below to get a sense of how Jesus has worked in our lives & is still providing hope in this city.   Look forward to meeting you soon!  

Culloden Church Building is located at 

6060 Culloden Street, Vancouver (1 block West of 45th & Knight Street).