Culloden Church has officially closed....read below

IMPORTANT UPDATE: At our church meeting on July 20, 2020, Culloden affirmed the proposal to close the church, and then replant under new leadership, a new lead pastor, Norm Funk, & as a new church, called Midtown Church.  WHAT?! Yes, this was a very emotional & difficult decision by the church after 52 years of God changing lives; however, the church affirmed this enormous decision to trust God for a new thing in this same location.  September 20th was the final service, and now we trust God will empower and guide the new leadership for this new ministry.

For more details on the new church, Midtown Church, see this website: https://mtownchurch.ca 


Culloden Church Building is located at 

6060 Culloden Street, Vancouver (1 block West of 45th & Knight Street).