Events Good Friday & Easter

Easter & Good Friday

Good Friday:

What could be good about a day where the son of God was beaten, tortured and put to death on a cross? Why do Christians around the world celebrate, gather together to remember the death of Jesus? You are invited to join Culloden on Friday, March 30 at 10am to reflect on the penalty of sin and the reason that Jesus died. We will sing songs, read scripture, reflect, respond to a message and take communion together.

Come to this one hour service that gives a solid context of understanding of why God sent his son, and what the events of the cross represent (no kids program will be offered).

Easter Sunday:

This year Easter Sunday lands on April, Easter is no joke, as Jesus rose from the dead. You are invited to join Culloden as we come together to understand the significance of Jesus' bodily resurrection. Why does it matter that a guy died 2000 years ago?

You might be thinking, "Come on, I live in Vancouver, the most expensive yet most beautiful place to live in does Jesus' resurrection relate to my life & this world around me?!" This service is for you, whether you have never attended a church service or are searching for a church family to be part of.  

The Easter service will include singing, a kids program for ages 3-Gr. 7, and an engaging investigation into how people have experienced the difference Jesus is making in their life & how the historical events of Jesus' resurrection has changed the world.

You are invited to come Sunday, April 1:                                                                                                                                                         9:15am - Free Refreshments & Easter Egg Hunt                                                                                                                  10am -    Church Service